Web Services

  • What is a web service and web services basic concepts. Meanings of a SOAP acronym. Web services types, clients and web services features.
  • Syntax, purpose and options of using wsimport and wsgen tools. Difference between wsimport and wsgen. Examples of generating a WSDL document and artifacts.
  • REST
  • What is JAXP (Java API for processing XML data). Overview of JAXP API - SAX, DOM, StAX, XSLT.
  • A handler framework - LogicalHandler and SOAPHandler, their difference. Methods of the Handler interface.
  • What is the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). The basic XML syntax, XML namespaces and W3C XML Schema Language.
  • General approaches of handling binary data in SOAP-based web services. Parameters of the @MTOM annotation. Examples of using MTOM.
  • Endpoint references and Message addressing properties concepts. Use, attributes and examples of @Addressing, @Action and @FaultAction annotations.