Java Persistence API

JPA Exam Certification 1z0-898

This exam requires a deep knowledge in the Persistence API area. It is required to know not only JPQL language and object-relational mapping, but Criteria API, types of locking, lifecycle callbacks, implementing of inheritance and using of embedded objects as well. Earlier JPA was a part of SCBCD exam, but after adding Criteria API into JPA 2.0, there were created two exams instead: 1Z0-898 (JPA EE 6)  and 1Z0-895 (EJB EE 6).

Preparation Roadmap

Start with Pro JPA 2 book, which is considered the best book for preparation to exam. And a good java jpa hibernate step by step tutorial for beginners as well. Chapters 3-12 contain all required info for passing exam. Study JPA 2.0 specification. Free quizzes on ExamClouds cover info from chapters 3-11. They will help to be prepared and pass the exam.

What is meant by Persistence API (JPA) in Java?

The Java Persistence API framework provides a link between relational databases and object-oriented domain models. It gives the possibility to store data into the database more convenient that it was before and spend less time on such routine work as putting every single entry data into the database and be focused on more pleasant work.

What is difference between JPA and Hibernate?

These terms are often considered the same. But it isn't true. The Hibernate is the most famous implementation of the Persistence API. JPA only describes the rules and Hibernate implements them. Hibernate has its own special features not described in JPA. It has its own JPQL language, which is called HQL.

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