OCEJWSD 6 (1Z0-897)
Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer

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Java Web Services

What is OCEJWSD 6?

The OCEJWSD 6 is a part of Oracle Certified Expert certification program. To have a permission to pass this exam, it is required any version of Oracle Java Programmer certificate. The exam demands a deep understanding of the web services. A person should know how to create a soap and rest web service in java servlet container and as an EJB component. It covers the knowledge of securing web services, usage of MTOM and MIME, implementation of the low-level SOAP web services. The exam verifies the skill of creating SOAP handlers and knowing of best practices to design web services. Read the full list of exam topics on the oracle educational site.

What is the Best Oracle Java Web Services Certification Book?

Unfortunately there isn’t a book, which can be read as the only one source for preparation. Java Web Services: Up and Running is a book to start learning web services. Some fundamental info can be gathered from its security chapter. Jersey User Guide 1.17 can be used to learn rest web services. Read XML, SOAP and WSDL, JAXP chapters in J2EE Web Services. Although XML and WSDL aren’t required for passing exam, it is good to be acquainted with their basic elements. Go through OCEJWSD 6 Notes by MZ. SCDJWS 5 Notes by MZ and SCDJWS 5 Notes by Ivan A Krizsan are great sources as well. They are written for the previous exam, but some chapters (as for example Security), can be used for preparation to OCEJWSD 6. The JAX-WS spec should be read too.

Preparation Roadmap

We tried to gather and structure all the necessary for OCEJWSD 6 exam info on the ExamClouds and create a complete online web services java tutorial with examples. The ExamClouds proposes quizzes, which will help to be prepared to the 1z0-897 exam. There are practical step by step examples of deploying web services in the Articles, which are created for Jboss AS 7 Server. If you feel that some questions are redundant or vice versa - some info should be added, we will appreciate your feedback.


How OCEJWSD 6 differs from the previous exam SCDJWS 5.0?

OCEJWSD 6 doesn’t contain UDDI and JAXR anymore. And, of course, they are created for different versions of J2EE.

XML and WSDL aren't mentioned in the exam objectives. Should they be learned?

Although they aren't mentioned, their understanding is required in others objectives.


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